MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 19

San Vicente de la Barquera → Oviedo. Alto del Naranco 181km

Decided to do a little longer one today – sort of in celebration of getting all the stuff I wanted to do completed.   It’s been a decent week for moving forwards this week – so what better way to celebrate than moving forwards on the bike for 70km or so…

This route is fast becoming a bit of a favourite, allowing me a bit of a speed-work session, then rounding off with a couple of nice solid uphills to balance it out.

Strava stuff for today is here for anyone desperate enough to want to see how slowly I went up the hills…   Despite having lost over 73kg, gravity really isn’t my friend.


Back Roads to and from Snaith

Nice little run today, mainly keeping to the back-roads where possible – it all went a little Pete Tong towards the last 10 miles or so – straight through Knottingley and Pontefract, but hey-ho…

Intention being to get in 40+ miles at a moving average of 15+mph – 65.6km @ 2:37:15 moving time = target achieved 🙂

Strava stuff here