More Indoors

Wish this snotty nose would calm down a little – another indoor ride today – Tacx RLV – Ventoux 2008 – Bedoin > Malaucene – Details for the ride on GC here

Version 3.9 worked flawlessly, all the way through – pausing properly, allowing me to stop for a “natural break” and never missed a beat.  Not sure if I found that more amazing, or the fact that I’ve actually ridden virtually up Mt. Ventoux (albeit using “power mode”)




Ride Report 12th November 2011

Today I just went for my “regular – i’ve got around 1 hour and need to get a riding fix” ride…

details of route and all the various stuff the Garmin 705 records here

Ride’s actually a little longer than this – I start and stop the Garmin recording outside the village police officer’s house, nearby where I live, just in case someone decides to break in and steal my bike

Today’s was a really good ride – made a bit of a late start – 2:30pm so the sun was getting a little low in the sky by the end of the ride, but blue skies, 12c temperatures and sun all the way around – quite a contrast to the weather for the last week, where there’s only really been one day where it’s not been raining

Felt so good on the bike, I actually caught and passed another bike rider ON AN UPHILL SECTION – that’s pretty much unheard of for me