MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 20

Avilés → Alto de L´Angliru 142km

In view of tomorrows weather being absolute Cock, I decided to do another slightly longer loop again today – I’ve a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow will, at best, be a gentle tool around the short local loop.  Much as I’d LOVE to clear 1000km for the Vuelta Challenge, I can’t see it happening in torrential rain and 20mph winds.   My Mother didn’t raise any TRULY STUPID kids…

Anyway – Strava stuff for today’s ride is here…   another rake of “trophys” and a few PB’s surprisingly enough!

Part way around, the man with the hammer caught up with me, so during my pause for a Clif bar and a drink, I decided to get a photo (well a hipster bullshit Instagram) of the bike as well…