Third part of the Indoor Etape Du Tour 2010

Managed to get the third and final mountain in this little indoor cycling trilogy “in the can” today – and surprise, surprise – as soon as I stopped pedalling, the damned software threw up its “Lost connection with Brake Messsage”

So –  I bloody well ignored it, and rode the rest of the route anyway.

All in one peice, HRM file adjusted only to get the Altitude correct – apparently, Tacx export routines start the export at 300m above sea level, whatever the actual altitude is.  This left today’s mountain 566M short of its true stature, and that kind of wrankles with me…

Anyway – ride report is here


Good Job I don’t crash as often as Tacx TTS Software does…

Or I’d be on the tarmac more often than Denis Menchov…

Took 3 attempts to get through phase 2 of the Tacx RLV – Etape du Tour 2010 – Col du Soulor (1474m)

They’ve at least admitted that there’s a bit of a problem with the software though – so maybe they’ll get a fix out in the next 6-7 months…  yep – i’ve that much faith in them.

Anyway – hacked together the three separate .HRM files using a combination of stealth, guile and MS Excel, then used Sportstracks3 to convert to Garmin .TCX file like everyone else in the bloody world uses!

Ride details here


Grrr…. “Lost Communication with Brake Unit”

The bane of my riding sessions on the Tacx.   Since the new version 3.8 of the TTS software, rather than just dying on it’s arse the software pops up a messsage that it’s lost its connection with the Brake Unit.    The thing is, the message box pops up on screen, but the connection resumes, and the ride and logging continues.   Problem is, the message box is in the middle o the screen, obscures the prime real-estate of the video, and theres no way to dismiss it other than stopping your training session and having to start again.    At least it does give an option to save the ride status up to the crash.

Anyway – I managed, after a fair degree of buggeration, to ride the first 40km of the Etape du Tour 2010 video – From start of Video, over the Col De Marie-Blanque and finishing just over 40km later, in the flat section before the Col du Soulor.     I’ve concatenated the individual Polar .HRM files to a single file, then ran it through SportsTracks 3‘s TCX Export routine, to get a Garmin Connect compatible file.    I’m not pretending for one moment that the data didn’t need a little tidying up – after all there was a 12 minute hole in the middle of the 2 separate files, so HR data for example definitely needed a tweak – I basically straight lined the HR data from the end of the first file, until it met the second.    I’m now going to trawl the Tacx website for possible solutions so that tomorrows ride won’t have to frig around like this…

Anyway – Ride details are here in Garmin Connect.