Gentle spin to test the Leg…

Had to do something – my right knee was starting to sieze up – so – had a gentle spin on the Bushido – set the VR machine to ride down the Lauteret towards the bottom of Alpe D’Huez, then jumped off before it started going  back uphill, like the wimp that I am…

Felt pretty good though – not even a twinge from the left leg – Woo-Hooooo!! – ride details here – such as they are – made a stuff of things, forgot to switch off GPS, so it was trying to lock on all the ride 😦

Hopefully I’ll still feel good tomorrow, and actually get out on the road again!


Out to Snaith and a Quick Burn Home…

Finally plucked up the courage to go and do a decent duration ride after my Knee Injury last year – something other than variations on my “local loop”. Decided I fancied a ride somewhere a little flatter than my typical stuff, so headed out in a Easterly direction, towards the flatter areas around Snaith and Selby. Once you get the first 7-8 miles out of the way, it’s actually a really nice flattish ride, where you can concentrate on just spinning a nice gear and getting the base mileage in – just the thing for this time of year – and indeed, when I was younger / keener / racier / thinner / all of the previous, this “lollypop” shaped ride was one of my favoured base mileage runs – though I’ll admit, I would probably have put in 3 or four laps of the loop before heading back home in those days.

A quick tracklog of the ride is here as recorded on the Garmin 705 – and what the log doesn’t tell you was that it was a very pleasant day – totally unlike the rest of this month so far, finally the wind dropped to maybe 8-10 mph (as a headwind on the last 1/3 or so of the ride) instead of the 40+ it’s been since 2011. Was just warm enough to not be unpleasant – needed the full winter kit, and arrived home with a cold nose, but warm everything else, which is great in my book…

Even managed a quick snap of the bike when I stopped to retrieve a energy bar from my base layer shirt pocket (it was a SIS Go Bar – and unless you get ’em warm somehow, they’re barely chewable.)

Excuse the crappy smartphone photo quality – but I’m not about to carry my EOS 7D and 24-105L around, just for a snap of the bike mid-ride…

All things considered it was a great afternoon out riding, and has certainly made me feel a little more confident in getting out and riding a little longer distances.




2011 Roundup

Well – here we are in 2012 then… time for a little roundup of last year I guess..

Started on here, on 23rd July 2011 and weighed 397.7lb with a BMI of 52.7.

As of 31st December 2011 my weight was down to 303.7lb with a BMI of 40.2.

That’s a loss of 23.6% of my original starting weight!

I’ve also spent a fair bit of my time on the Bike…

7 days 9 hours and 16 minutes give or take a few seconds.

In that time I’ve rode 3523km – thats 2189 miles for the former colonials 😉

Not bad for a bloke who lost 3 months of riding due to a knee injury and the recovery process.

In the 2189 miles, I managed to climb 76,250 feet (2.62 Everests!) and burned a terrifying 226,973 kcals – equating to 64.8lb of fat – or approximately 463 (uk) Big Mac’s.

Wonder what I’ll be typing in here in a years time ??

August Rides Reference

Just a quick summary of the riding (such as it was) in August 2011

9th August 2011 – Road Bike

13th August 2011 – Road Bike

14th August 2011 – Road Bike

15th August 2011 – Road Bike

17th August 2011 – Road Bike

18th August 2011 – Road Bike

19th August 2011 – Road Bike Added in extra uphill session – climb to water tower

21st August 2011 – Road Bike

22nd August 2011 – Road Bike – Again, with added Water Tower-eyness.

24th August 2011 – Road Bike

25th August 2011 – Road Bike

27th August 2011 – Road Bike

28th August 2011 – Road Bike

29th August 2011 – Road Bike

31st August 2011 – Road Bike

So – there we have it, pretty much wearing a groove around my local loop, couple of extra hill-climbs in there, just to test out if my knee is feeling any better – note: every time I climbed that hill, I had a a day off the bike the next day…  guess it wasn’t quite right

All rides on the road – pretty much too scared to go back on the MTB for risk of getting scratched up legs and  a re-occurrence of the Celulitis at this point.