New Toys

Couple of bits and bobs in the post today –

First off, a new Gilet, from fleabay.   Not a lot to be said about it frankly, other than it’s actually a little on the big side for me – there’s a first with cycling kit!  It’s light, Blue, and windproof, and takes very little space in my back pocket.  What the hell do you want for £13 posted 😉

Second was a Cycleops Wheel Riser for use with the Turbo Trainer.   It’s a cracking bit of kit, much taller than the one that comes with the Tacx Bushido.  Holds the wheel solidly enough but still allows a bit of side to side motion without ripping the rim off the hub.

Third, and slightly belated, the cheap chinese copy BMC long sleeve jacket I bought a couple of months ago, actually fits now.   So – next time I get a chance for a outdoor ride, I’ll be giving it a crack.

Fourth – and even more belated, 6 years ago, I bought an Altura Nevis jacket.   It was the largest size they made, and I bought it via mail-order as a hopeful punt.   Needless to say, it wasn’t big enough, and it’s been in the wardrobe ever since.   Well – guess what – I tried it on tonight, and it fits.  Still a little snug, and I doubt I’d get anthing more than a base layer under it without it being tight rather than snug, but it does zip up – whereas 6 years ago it was 3 inches adrift of zipping…   To say this left me rather happy is something of an understatement!!

And finally for now, I bought some warm-up cream – anything to save the off-chance of the odd tweaked muscle here and there.   I love the smell of Belgian Knee-Warmers in the morning, it smells like Pro….