Training Program Day 7 workout 4

Active recovery it said on the tin.    Well – I got the active part of it, but I didn’t seem to be able to keep the intensity down on the hillier stuff – either I’m going to have to start doing these rides on the trainer, or I’m going to have to find somewhere less hilly to do them than the regular loop allows.

Ride stuff for this one is here

Training Program Day 3 – optional ride

Decided as the weather was good, to take the option of a 2 hour low intensity ride…   and what better way to keep the thrashing down and the fun levels up but to throw a leg over the MTB for a change – anyway, the old Inbred had been feeling a little neglected…

So, time to get some mud on my tyres and grit between my teeth.   We’ll call it a combined Active recovery and Handling Skills ride, as it was EXTREMELY muddy after last nights downpours!

Ended up being out for 2 1/4 hours of gentle bimbling about, got RENDERD in mud, and amazingly, didn’t fall off once!

Strava (not that this was what it was all about really) for the ride is here

More Base

Better weather – sun shining, but windy and cold.   No, make that COLD.   Dressed in my full “Belgian Sunday Best” and i was fucking freezing!

Garmin said average of 7°c, wind chill making it feel more like 1°c.   It felt colder frankly.   Compared to last year I’m really starting to feel the difference in the amount of body-fat % and the loss if “inbuilt” insulation.   Which I suppose is a good thing – but it didn’t really feel like it at times today.

Strava for the ride here.

Think this might be the calm before the storm to be honest…   forecast for next couple of days is bogging!


Just a Short One

But sweet as a Nut!   Lovely crisp clear winters day, still a bit blowy, but frankly, any day when it’s not raining/snowing/foggy is a bonus at this time of year.   Finished the CaadX’s conversion to winter roadie now, front mudguard fitted and the road pedals back on.   I hate swapping pedals – it’s pretty much a given that every time I swap a pedal out, I end up with the chainring embedded in my thumb.   One day I’ll stop being such a tart and put gloves on before performing the simple task!

Anyway – Strava for todays ride is here

Sunny Saturday…

After a couple of hours of further fettling (trying to actually get the brakes to a state where they will Stop me, rather than just slow me down a bit!) I decided to get out while the sun was still shining – after all, there can’t be all that many days left this year where we’re going to get that happening.

Just a nice steady 36km or so – including a quite wonderful spin around the backroads up behind the Water Tower at Ackworth.   Beautiful autumn colours, and lovely low angle sunlight to complement them.   Couldn’t help wishing I’d a video camera with me, to show people that it’s really not all that “Grim up North”…

Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, weather wise, and riding wise, hopefully I want to clock up 3-4 hours saddle time – it’s been a while since I got a proper bit of distance in the legs.

Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 4

Another surprisingly pleasant day, would have been daft not to ride – just did a fairly steady hour and a half, dropped in a couple of gratuitous loops to comply with a daft challenge I’ve been running on the MyFitnessPal website, and other than that, just enjoyed one of the final roll-arounds I’m likely to get on the Dolan this year before it goes into mothballs for the winter – i.e. whenever the Cannondale actually arrives…

Ride details via Strava are here, for anyone made enouugh to be interested.