The New Season Begins Here…

… or more specifically, in the back kitchen, sat on the Tacx Bushido, cranking away like a hamster on a wheel.

Started the whole thing off with a 25 minute ramptest, designed to allow the Powercal Heart-Rate/Pseudo Powermeter to be calibrated.

there’s strava links for this fiendish little test here, and a quick graph from sportstrackes below…

Sportstracks Powercal Calibration Run - Power and Heart Rate Plot

Sportstracks Powercal Calibration Run – Power and Heart Rate Plot

Basically, this is a 5 minutes at 110bpm then 5×3 minutes at gradually increasing heart rates followed by another 5 minutes at 110bpm to cooldown again.

The data, when dropped into the Cycleops Poweragent software should allow the “personalisation” of the Powercal belt to the specific measured power output as measured with the real honest-to-god  powermeter from stages cycling.

The Second phase of todays ride turned into a bit of a Hill-Intervals session using the Tacx VR DVD –  T1956.37 Milan Sanremo 2008 – I actually rode the first 50.8km of the course, and did all the minor Capi before the poggio and cipressa.   Frankly, that was enough, on top of the earlier ramp test…   especially as I didn’t want to end up completely spannered for tomorrow, in case the new bike arrives.

Once again there’s a Strava link to the ride here, and a plot from Sportstrack – this time showing the “virtual” ascent/descents…

Tacv VR Ride - Milan San Remo

Tacv VR Ride – Milan San Remo



Well – The Snow Finally Came…

So – I hacked away on the Tacx instead.   4 Different Rides, and only one of them dies on it’s arse this time – things are improving I guess..

In all cases, I’ve posted a “hybrid” record to the Garmin Connect Site – it’s the .HRM file from the Tacx complete with power and Altitude details…  Sadly, this also has the “Virtual” mileage – where the speedo / distance figure goes apeshit because you’re riding downhill…   So – I’ve tweaked the Distances and Calories to correspond with the Garmin 705 recordings.

First Ride was the “Training With Milram – Ride along the Bodensee with Geralg Ciolek” – ride log here

Second Ride was the “Galibier and Lautaret Descent” – A Ride down from the Galibier Summit via the Lautaret, which should have finished at foot of Alpe d’Huez, but the Tacx lost contact with the brake after 16.89 Virtual miles (7.88 actual miles at rear wheel) – ride log for this section is here

Third Ride was another aborted ride – this time because I wanted to tweak a couple of display settings – getting the machine to show Calories rather than Joules and Miles rather than KM.   Course was the “Milan – SanRemo – Section 1 – Alassio > Imperia” – Stopped ride after 0.55 miles to tweak settings.   Ride log (such as it is) for this section is here

And the Fourth and final ride was a repeat of the Above – “Milan – SanRemo – Section 1 – Alassio > Imperia” – which again stopped before the end, this time because I hadn’t noticed the time, and my “me time” was up…   – Ride Log for this 4th section is here