I’ve taken to going for quite a long walk on a Saturday afternoon – a good 3 hours or so as a minimum, provided the rain stays away.   To be honest, it’s just been that the weather has been brighter than the rest of the week, but the winds have been unpleasantly high for actually riding the bike – so it’s been nice to just get out on foot, walk around in the fresh air and get some sunlight on my face – I swear it’s as good as a dose of Prozac as far as mood improvement.

Today’s was another 9 miles or so (strange that I ride the bike in km’s but tend to walk locally in Miles, isn’t it…)   Blowing a complete hoolie all the way round, and far colder than the Garmin Recorded (probably because it was stuffed deep in my jacket pocket out of the wind!)


Time for a Little Mud Sweat and Gears

Though from the Garmin’s figures, doesn’t look to have ben a whole lot of sweating going on.   Intended originally to go for a road-ride, but the heavens opened, while I was warming up with a few stretches, so I hastily changed plans, swapped codes, and jumped on the Mountain Bike instead – primarily because I don’t really mind riding that in all the slop and crap – it’s what it was built for.   The roadbike however, has to last me until I’m light enough to swap for something light, fast, and italian…   and no – I don’t mean Valentino Rossi – I’m thinking more DeRosa / Campagnolo 😉