Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 7

End of the smiley-smiley section I think…

Today was a complete clusterfuck from start to finish – decided to chance one last ride on the “fast” bike before mothballing it, hoping for a good long day out – roads covered in ice, not yet gritted so bloody awful, then 25km in I hit what I thought was a bit of ice broken out of a frozen puddle.   Wrong, it was glass. Cut a chunk out of the front tyre, latex in inner-tube couldn’t hold it so sprayed all over the place.  Ended up with tyre held together with a Quavers packet found in the hedgerow and limping home for a measly 52.5km on what’s now looking like the nicest, sunniest day we’ve had in a fortnight once the streets are finally aired.

I am NOT a happy bunny.


Strava stuff is here for future reference…


MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 7

Almendralejo → Mairena de Aljarafe- 196km

Largely unneventful ride around the regular loop, with the exception of a visitation from the P*****re fairy – I was squeezed to the side of the road on a narrow road, and hit a pothole at around 40kph – belated bunnyhop cleared the front wheel, but the back still contacted with enough force to snakebite the back tube to instant oblivion.

Details of the ride here