Rain (and Wind) Stopped Play…

at least outdoors.   Blowing a complete hoolie all day, Horizontal rain early doors too.   Bottled it, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Dragged the Tacx out and did the last 2/3 of the 2010 Etape du Tour DVD – 79km of along and 2.7km of Up.

As I was scheduled for a “base level” ride I actually dialled the intensity of the resistance down to 50%, but that still equated to as much climbing as I’d normally do in maybe 3 of my normal daily rides – difference being, you could just “sit in and spin” on the trainer without fear of some tool on a MTB with the brakes disconected passing you doing a 1 handed wheelie and smoking with the other one!

Anyhoo – details for the ride are here on Garmin Connect this time – Strava mangles the data from the Tacx for some reason.

Interesting profile isn’t it.  No – Not mine – I’m face on anyway, not in profile – I mean the yellow mountainy bits behind all the graphs.


There’s a streak of Masochism…

… that most cyclists will probably recognise.   I have one day lay-off from the bike and the following day, I’m sat, at 8am, looking out of the window thinking “Need to be Outside Right Now” – despite the rain being lashed at the windows by the 30kph winds.   By 11:30am, it’s got the better of me, the rain has stopped (more or less) and the roads…. well, they’re wet of course.  So what, I’ve got a bike with mudguards now.   Get your lazy arse dressed in your “Flandrian Best” and out there riding.

Eventually, just to stop the “inner voice” berating me, I did, and – do you know what – the hardest 10 metres of the ride was the distance from the doorstep to the kerb.   After that,   I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it.

Today wasn’t really about the Strava, but it’s always good to keep the paperwork up to date – so the link’s here if anyone cares.


Soggy Sunday

Things I Have Learned today.

  1. Don’t get all Excited about getting out for a proper long ride and forget your drinks bottle.
  2. Weather Forecasts of Sunny Dry Cold Mornings are seldom correct.
  3. Sammy Slicks aren’t slick, and kick up lots of spray from the road.
  4. After 2 hours of Salt Spray from the front wheel, you really miss having a Drink with you.
  5. Theres a reason I spent Months getting my road shoes set up properly with orthotics etc. and frankly, I should have swapped to road pedals and shoes for a 3 hour ride, rather than sticking with the SPD’s
  6. Despite all the above, I really, REALLY enjoyed my morning out on the bike…

Strava stuff for it is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 2

Indoor Smiles/Miles today – still got remnants of the head-cold, so thought better of riding in the pissing rain outside today – plugged in the VR Trainer and had a little tootle around one of my favourite VR DVD’s from Tacx  – The “Strade Bianchi”.

It was an indoor ride on the trainer – not much of a “ride report” that I can do to be honest, other than my breathings all over the shop, heart rate skyrockets as soon as I try a little bit on the “virtual” uphills, and basically, I’m way, way, way off form.

Strava stream converted from the Tacx’s HRM file export is here – no maps etc, just can’t really be arsed.

There’s a rather nice video though, to let you see what I was watching while sweating in my back kitchen…