Training Program Day 3 – optional ride

Decided as the weather was good, to take the option of a 2 hour low intensity ride…   and what better way to keep the thrashing down and the fun levels up but to throw a leg over the MTB for a change – anyway, the old Inbred had been feeling a little neglected…

So, time to get some mud on my tyres and grit between my teeth.   We’ll call it a combined Active recovery and Handling Skills ride, as it was EXTREMELY muddy after last nights downpours!

Ended up being out for 2 1/4 hours of gentle bimbling about, got RENDERD in mud, and amazingly, didn’t fall off once!

Strava (not that this was what it was all about really) for the ride is here

Smiles not Miles – Week 4 Day 1

Just a “recovery spin” on the Turbo again today – still got the tail end of the high winds/rain going on, so a quick whizz around the Asda followed by a virtual ride around the lovely smooth roads near Roubaix…

Good news was my quick fix of deleting the old training runs seems to have cured TTS of it’s annoying crashing problem, and speeded it all up considerably when it comes to loading and closing down into the bargain.

Strava file is here – this time with the actual data as recorded straight from the machine’s power soak…

There’s also a route guide here

and the almost obligatory video as well

Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 5

Day started with lashing rain, but by about 11:30 it was sunny and warm – not warm enough for the roads to be dry of course, but warm enough not to take the fur off my lungs with every breath.

So, dragged the MTB around a short-ish loop in very pleasant feeling sunshine and relatively calm air.

Again,  not exactly cracking any pots, so the Strava’s here but a little meh…

September’s Finale, and a Roundup

Managed to get out for a quick spin today, despite a big-ish one yesterday, and the wind still blowing a hoolie.   Fully intended to take it steady, but the wind was having none of that nonsense – and either had me dragging out 300w to keep moving forward when I had a headwind, or had me tear-arsing  along  when it was behind me.

Strava for today is here

And So to a few stats, at what SHOULD pretty much be the end of the “fast season”…

September’s Stats…

Avg Speed:          23.9 km/h
Distance:       1,183.21 km
Elevation Gain:    9,623 m
Time:           49:25:15 h:m:s
Count:                25 Activities
Avg Power:           187 W
Calories:         29,987 kCals

Year to Date Stats…

Avg Speed:           24.0 km/h
Distance:       10,455.86 km
Elevation Gain:    93,659 m
Time:           436:13:54 h:m:s
Count:                215 Activities
Avg Power:            181 W
Calories:         268,859 kCals

Post TT Leg Stretcher

Woke this morning to a bad case of “Wooden Legs” – the TT yesterday must have take far more out of me than I thought.   20 Minutes of stretching and another 15 of attacking the legs with the rolling pin and I was up and about.   Looked like I was doing an impression of Douglas Bader, but I was up and about.

Eventually I managed to shuffle around enough to get myself fed and watered, and ready for a ride – I knew that frankly the only thing that’d loosen me up properly was getting out again for a hour or so.   So – that’s what I did – and amazingly enough it worked!

Strava details are here – it’s strange – on RP it felt like I was loafing around, but according to the IF and TSS scores (0.874 and 81.3 respectively) it would seem that either a) I was working harder than I thought or b) that my FTP figure is not right.  My money is on the FTP figure, and frankly, after my next day off the bike, I’m going to get a PROPER FTP torture test done and start working with sensible figures.

Rest of the day has been consumed by a quick trip to Aldi to check out their annual winter Cyclewear sale – Merino base’s had sold out in my size, but I snagged a surprisingly good quality LS compression base layer for  the coming months – and a hour or so of wholesale deforestation in the jungle outside my house that I laughingly refer to as a Garden.