Local Loop – Recovery Ride

Just a little sore/stiff from yesterdays hill-bashing, so took a slightly more gentle approach to my normal loop.   Ride was nothing out of the ordinary, but enjoyable – details here.

Also, I’ve a “new toy report” – decided it was getting near enough to spring to need a pair of 3/4 bib tights.   So, after plenty of consideration, I went for a pair of the Wiggle Aeron Race 3/4’s – which, after todays ride, I have to say were pretty much fantastic.   They’ve got what feels like the same fancy CyTech pad as the Aeron Pro Bib shorts I bought a couple of months ago.   Really comfortable, fit like a second skin, and look great, even on me!  (okay – the last part is somewhat relative – I’m sure they’d look better on the girl from the Assos adverts for example – but they don’t look half bad!)




Indoor Cycling – We have all kinds Sir…

In a bid to inject a little variety into the indoor riding today, I decided to mix things up a little.

First of all, it was high time that I actually managed to get a proper Anaerobic Threshold Test done.   So – I had a crack at the Conconi Test as detailed on the Tacx Training Website.   What can I say – like most Max-Tests, its pretty horrible towards the latter stages.   A quick breakdown of the stats are on Garmin Connect HERE.

Second ride of the day was a bit of general riding, started with the “Training with Milram” DVD, which ran for around 13 minutes before crashing.   So – I decided to go to a old disk – the “T1956-16 Grossglockner” DVD – originally  intended for the Fortius, rather than the Bushido, it’s video quality isn’t great, but it contains a nice leg loosening spin, followed by a short steep uphill, and a wild thrash down the mountain to finish off.   Again, this was logged on the Garmin 705 as well as the Tacx Bushido, and the details are posted here.

Third ride was another repeat of the above trip down the Grossglockner, though this time missing out the saddle and intermediate col.   More than anything else,   I wanted to see how my injured left thigh would cope with some high speed, high cadence work after a decent length of riding.  At the moment, things feel good, and the Garmin log makes for some impressive speed stats, if nothing else…  average speed of 24.1 m.p.h. actual at the rear wheel, Average cadence 82 (which is very high for me – those big legs don’t thrash around very well any more!) and a max cadence of 127 was just scary…

Not sure what happened on the third ride, but I managed to get some sort of glitch, which showed a power reading on the Garmin – unlikely, as I’ve no power meter! – extremely unlikely, as it read 16,383 Watts – yeah right 16 and a bit Kilowatts!!

Gentle spin to test the Leg…

Had to do something – my right knee was starting to sieze up – so – had a gentle spin on the Bushido – set the VR machine to ride down the Lauteret towards the bottom of Alpe D’Huez, then jumped off before it started going  back uphill, like the wimp that I am…

Felt pretty good though – not even a twinge from the left leg – Woo-Hooooo!! – ride details here – such as they are – made a stuff of things, forgot to switch off GPS, so it was trying to lock on all the ride 😦

Hopefully I’ll still feel good tomorrow, and actually get out on the road again!

August Rides Reference

Just a quick summary of the riding (such as it was) in August 2011

9th August 2011 – Road Bike

13th August 2011 – Road Bike

14th August 2011 – Road Bike

15th August 2011 – Road Bike

17th August 2011 – Road Bike

18th August 2011 – Road Bike

19th August 2011 – Road Bike Added in extra uphill session – climb to water tower

21st August 2011 – Road Bike

22nd August 2011 – Road Bike – Again, with added Water Tower-eyness.

24th August 2011 – Road Bike

25th August 2011 – Road Bike

27th August 2011 – Road Bike

28th August 2011 – Road Bike

29th August 2011 – Road Bike

31st August 2011 – Road Bike

So – there we have it, pretty much wearing a groove around my local loop, couple of extra hill-climbs in there, just to test out if my knee is feeling any better – note: every time I climbed that hill, I had a a day off the bike the next day…  guess it wasn’t quite right

All rides on the road – pretty much too scared to go back on the MTB for risk of getting scratched up legs and  a re-occurrence of the Celulitis at this point.