Training Program Day 6 workout 3

Long Steady Distance was called for today – 80km or more ideally.    Fortunately, the weather was fairly kind to me and I managed to knock in a good solid 88.9km worth.

What surprised me was just how tired I was by the end of it – obviously the Christmas seasonal excesses coupled with a month or two of shorter rides has taken it’s toll.   Not Good.


Excellent Weekend

Saturday just had to be a day off the bike – for the simple reason that I’d ridden 5 days on the bounce.   Annoyingly it coincided with what was probably the best weather conditions of the week…   Seemed a crying shame to waste it, so strapped on my walking boots intending to go for a walk for a hour or so…   then I came over all Forrest Gump, and at every point where I could turn back towards home, I sort of carried on.   3 Hours and 8.5 miles later I decided it was a little cold and getting dark, so I really aught to go home and have a brew…

Sunday dawned cold and Icy.  So cold that I actually held off setting out for my ride until 10am hoping it’d warm up a bit.   If anything, the temperature dropped.    As I left the house the Garmin Read 21°c (ambient in the house).   For the next mile and a half, the temperature readout dropped like a stone, eventually settling at around -1°c, where it remained for the next hour or so.   In order to try and keep on the bike, I decided to ride my usual route in reverse, hoping that the shaded/backroad traffic free bit that is usually the outward leg would have had chance to thaw out a little before I got there.   No such luck, everywhere where the road was in shade was still covered in frost.   I don’t think I’ve gone so gentle around corners for such a long distance in my life…   Probably accounts for the slightly high IF rating of the ride, as I was so slow in the corners I had been pretty much sprinting back out of them to get some semblance of speed back into the ride, and some warmth into my body!.    The last 5 miles or so of the ride was probably the easiest, as I picked up the back of a local “clubrun”, was welcomed aboard for a bit of a rest (must have looked rough by then for them to offer) and spent 5 miles dodging the wind and trying to remember not to touch the brakes as I was on something with working disks, and the rest of the lads were riding their winter hacks and rim brakes.    Still – it was nice to actually ride in company for a while, and also to realise that I probably could hold my own with that clubrun for the full duration of a ride (the power figures courtesy of the Stages Powermeter  for that section are not dissimilar to what I’d done for the rest of the ride, riding solo.

Strava for this ride is here, and if any of the lads from the Calder Clarion who put up with the fat wheelsucker in Black are reading this…   thanks for the wheel gents – I was in dire need.

Blow Me…

… all over the road, it did.   Blustery wind, strangely from the South – not the usual prevailing Sou-westers…

Combination of semi deep rims, thick tyres and mudguards all contributed to something that was a bit of a handful at times.  Still – it didn’t rain or snow, which is pretty much all you can hope for in weather at this time of year…

Took in what is turning out to be a bit of a regular Saturday thing for me – the “Water Tower” to Low Ackworth loop…   a couple of really lovely roads, at least lovely scenery, the roads themselves were pretty much rendered in mud and horse-shit, but you can’t have everything, can you.

Strava for the ride is available, as per usual, here


Smiles not Miles – Week 2 Day 3

Not a bundle of smiles again today, if I’m honest, apart from a) when  got home and peeled off all the horrlble wet cold clothing and b) when I tucked into my lunch of a small bowl of ham and mushroom risotto, that i’d earned enough calories from the ride to be able to enjoy guilt free…

annoying part of getting soaked is… look what was hanging in the hallway, that I chose not to wear…


Once again, there’s a Strava track here – but i’ve not really looked at it.

Recovery Ride

A gentle, really gentle ride today – all last night I had that silly scratchy feeling at the back of my throat that usually denotes the onset of a cold.  This morning, it wasn’t scratching, but I don’t want to push my luck – so simply “rolled around” my typical short route.

Strava here – though it doesn’t exactly make anything like interesting reading.


MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 19

San Vicente de la Barquera → Oviedo. Alto del Naranco 181km

Decided to do a little longer one today – sort of in celebration of getting all the stuff I wanted to do completed.   It’s been a decent week for moving forwards this week – so what better way to celebrate than moving forwards on the bike for 70km or so…

This route is fast becoming a bit of a favourite, allowing me a bit of a speed-work session, then rounding off with a couple of nice solid uphills to balance it out.

Strava stuff for today is here for anyone desperate enough to want to see how slowly I went up the hills…   Despite having lost over 73kg, gravity really isn’t my friend.