Stages Cycling Powermeter – UK Distributor (Finally!)

Well – finally, Stages Cycling have appointed a UK distributor for their power meters. Coming in via Saddleback… who handle Castelli, Enve, Chris King and Bont – so they’re not completely out of their depth with high-end kit I guess…. And, as expected, they’ve done the usual trick of US>UK price conversion – i.e. change the $ sign for the £ and keep the numbers the same. FFS – it’s not as if they actually have to re-write any of the documentation is it… We know to add the odd “U” where the septics miss it out. Yes, I know that there’s 10% import duty and 20% VAT on the stuff – but there’s a BIG whack of profit in there for the middleman…

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'Stages Power Meter Shimano Ultegra 6700' - www_saddleback_co_uk_stages-power-meter-shimano-ultegra-6700

for example – Stages Ultegra 6700 crank – US price $699. @ todays exchange rate that’s £442.63 – add 10% duty – £486.89 – add 20% VAT – £584.27. Saddleback distributors quoted price £699 – difference of £114.73… That’s a lot of money for shipping, warehousing and a bit of government paperwork IMO!

I can only hope that places like CRC get hold of ’em and start getting some SERIOUS discount into ’em. – For now i’ll hold off until start of next season I think and see how the new distributor copes with the inevitable (it’s a power meter – they ALL have a proportion of issues) problems that UK customers will have (probably weather related – something designed where there’s 300 days of sunshine a year – Hmmmm… I forsee a problem or 2 on the horizon right there!)