Wind – From the East? – On a Sunday?

That’s different – complete 180degree direction change to the normal prevailing wind – and blowing something like 15mph, gusting 25.   So – todays typical Sunday spin was very different to the norm.   Usually, it sees me hammering the first 30km in about a hour, then turning and hitting a wall of air.    Today, it was go out and grind for 90 minutes, then turn first across then run with a a side-tail wind for the rest of the ride.    Even looking at the speed plot on Strava, you can see the way the wind was blowing.    Other than a couple of minor 100 yard sectors in the middle of Pontefract, I hit a whole string of Strava “trophies” including 3 proper “top 10’s” and half a dozen PB’s – wind assisted or not, there were times when I felt I was flying!


Back in the Saddle Again

Had a couple of days off – just completely NEEDED a rest day on Saturday, then decided to have another easy day, as I was going to a concert on the Sunday Evening.   I’m afraid I also stepped off the wagon a little on sunday night, threw the diet sheet away, and had a couple of pints of Beer.   Mmmm… Beer!

Anyway – back to normal, on the bike, riding around in circles.   In the wind – nice and bright, but cold as soon as you dropped out of direct sunlight.   Managed to arrange it so that the longest leg of the ride was straight into the teeth of the wind as well.   This resulted in a slow time, a ravenous me, and a very, very large calorie burn.    Ride details here.

Should have sweat a little of the beer out at least…