The Race of Truth…

That’s what they call it – The Time Trial, The Race of Truth – Nowhere to Hide, No Real Tactics, Nobody Else to Blame – Just You, Your Bike and the Stopwatch.

It’s been an awful long time since I rode a “proper, full gas” Time Trial – in fact, I promised myself almost 20 years ago that I’d NEVER put myself through that kind of pain again.   Yes, I’ll say it again – PAIN.   To ride a Time Trial properly, you have to have a certain masochistic streak.

It’s best summed up with a Quote from Chris Boardman (who knows a thing or two about riding against the clock)

Continually ask yourself one question – can I maintain this pace to the end of the race?

  • If the answer is ‘yes’, you are not going hard enough
  • If the answer is ‘no’, you are going too hard
  • If the answer is ‘maybe’ then you are in the right place

I think I had bits of all three today…

Details of the ride on Strava are here

2 hours after returning Home, Showered and Rested, however my Stomach is still upside down and I can still taste Blood at the Back of my Throat.


Testing Times…

In more than one way…

Early doors, managed to get a Reconnaissance run on the local 10 mile TT Course – basically, dropped the bike in the back of the car, drove over to the finishing line, got out, rolled down to the start-line and gave it the beans.

More to see if a) I could remember the route and b) to see ho hard I could push on the hills without blowing…   Managed a not-particularly-shabby 28:14 – according to the local club’s website, the “age adjusted” club standard for this is 26:38 gold, 28:52 Silver and 32:11 bronze for old gits like me – so I’m almost “getting there”.   Fairly sure theres a few more seconds in there somewhere if I get a proper warmup ride before it too…

Strava details are here


And the other way today is a Testing Time…  well – at 3pm, there was the interment service for my Dad’s Ashes.   Fulfilling my promise that eventually He and my Mother Would be physically (as well as spiritually) Reunited.

A ride of Three Halves…

Yeah, Okay – I’m normally better at maths than the headline implies – it’s called mis-quoting for comic effect.

Though, it’s also a fair description of todays ride.   I decided to just have a “tempo” roll around on the local TT course, and in the process log a warmup ride, a course for the TT and a warmdown ride, which I can use on the Tacx Bushido when the weather comes down…

I set my stall out to basically ride the loop in “evens” – i.e. 30 minutes for a 10 mile TT – just so it was easy to scale to different speeds etc. on the Bushido.   I wasn’t counting on the 20+mph headwind on the final hill knocking the stuffing out of me, and i’ve ended up with 30:44 instead.


Anyway – here’s the Strava stuff for it

WarmupTime Trial CourseCooldown

Testing, Testing 3,2,1, Vai !!

Yep – decided to see if all this base mileage guff I’ve done over the last 2 years or so since I decided to lose a bit of weight and ride my bike more had made any improvement.

Part of me wanted to pitch up at the local club 10 and pay on the line for one night. The far more sensible part thought “Don’t be so bloody stupid, they’re fit, skinny, on dedicated TT ironmongery, dressed in spray-on lycra and wearing Tadpole helmets. They’re also half way through the season and probably back to peak again after the nationals in June…”

So I took the far more sensible approach of just selecting a relatively clear, uninterupted section of quiet road and did an Impromptu 10.  It’s a speed test, NOT a Time-Trial – it’s not out and back, its a point-to-point, but it had a pretty consistent crosswind as opposed to head or tail. I wasn’t pacing, it was ridden solo, though I’ll admit to chasing down a couple of other riders in the distance as a means of encouraging myself.

It’s nothing special, and certainly not fast enough to be considering going to the club-10 any time soon, but for a fat old git, who last did a 10mile TT upwards of 25 years ago, I was fairly pleased with it…

I even managed to do a (marginally) positive split… (13:12 first 5 miles 13:11 second) … would have been faster on the end sector, but I’d misjudged my starting point, and the last 3/4 mile ended up being on a sector known as the “east cowick cobbles” –  it’s not ACTUALLY Cobbles, it’s just tarmac with 4″ deep holes every 10″ or so – feels like your riding a pneumatic hammer rather than a bike. I actually had to ease up a little as my vision was too blurred – hitting these at full sprint was just ludicrous!

Anyway… Just thought I’d share.

Oh – yeah – the linky to the ride…  – silly me!

And the ride to the start, and back home after, at suitably slower pace…