Testing, Testing 3,2,1, Vai !!

Yep – decided to see if all this base mileage guff I’ve done over the last 2 years or so since I decided to lose a bit of weight and ride my bike more had made any improvement.

Part of me wanted to pitch up at the local club 10 and pay on the line for one night. The far more sensible part thought “Don’t be so bloody stupid, they’re fit, skinny, on dedicated TT ironmongery, dressed in spray-on lycra and wearing Tadpole helmets. They’re also half way through the season and probably back to peak again after the nationals in June…”

So I took the far more sensible approach of just selecting a relatively clear, uninterupted section of quiet road and did an Impromptu 10.  It’s a speed test, NOT a Time-Trial – it’s not out and back, its a point-to-point, but it had a pretty consistent crosswind as opposed to head or tail. I wasn’t pacing, it was ridden solo, though I’ll admit to chasing down a couple of other riders in the distance as a means of encouraging myself.

It’s nothing special, and certainly not fast enough to be considering going to the club-10 any time soon, but for a fat old git, who last did a 10mile TT upwards of 25 years ago, I was fairly pleased with it…

I even managed to do a (marginally) positive split… (13:12 first 5 miles 13:11 second) … would have been faster on the end sector, but I’d misjudged my starting point, and the last 3/4 mile ended up being on a sector known as the “east cowick cobbles” –  it’s not ACTUALLY Cobbles, it’s just tarmac with 4″ deep holes every 10″ or so – feels like your riding a pneumatic hammer rather than a bike. I actually had to ease up a little as my vision was too blurred – hitting these at full sprint was just ludicrous!

Anyway… Just thought I’d share.

Oh – yeah – the linky to the ride…  – silly me!

And the ride to the start, and back home after, at suitably slower pace…