Not the best start to 2014…

…   It’s been hammering it down with rain all day – couldn’t face getting on the Turbo for the first day’s ride of the year, so suited up in the full raingear and took a walk for a while…


Final Damage Limitation pre-New Year Celebration

In a vain attempt to at least manage 1/4 distance in the Rapha Festive 500 I went out on New Years Eve for a short Ride.   Frankly, I was a little distracted, and couldn’t concentrate properly – it was a bad case of thinking too much about the events of the year and not enough about keeping myself safe on the road.   I quickly realised that this was silly, and if I was going to be doing anything exercise related, it’d be better if it was a walk – at least I can let my mind wander a little more without worrying about going under a truck when I’m walking.

So, there’s a ride log and a walk log, just to complete the set for 2013.



Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 1

No miles, Precious few Smiles either…   took a day off as I didn’t fancy riding in piddling rain when I’m already borderline on a head-cold.

And, as per usual when I’m not exercising, I’m bored, and hungry – not good with the lack of bonus-calories from exercise.

Still – the sun came out in the afternoon, and I managed a little walk at least – which helped my mood and kept me away from the ‘fridge…