Catch Up Time

Okay – haven’t had time to keep everything on here up to date – I’ve had two rides, that have been great in the riding, but frankly there was little to say other than – yep, 25 miles, dry, cool, and burned a whole bunch of calories.   ride reports here and here.

And then to today…  a bit of a mixed one. I’ve pretty much sussed out a circular ride route, thats maybe 25 miles around, with my home in the centre of the loop. So – I can pretty much go out from the centre, pick up the loop, ride around back to where I joined the loop, then dive back home to the centre. Think of it as a kind of self-devised “ring-road” around my house. It’s a great way of planning a ride, you can take it in either direction, and start it on whichever section means that you’ll have a tailwind for the bits you want.

Anyway – todays weather wasn’t looking all that pleasant, but I decided to go for it anyway. Mainly as tomorrow I’m going to a concert, and the venue is all standing – my knee is fine for riding, but to combine riding and standing around for 4 hours afterwards, and a couple of miles of walking to and from the venue would be a recipe for disaster. Soo – get out and ride then. My normal approach to the loop has been to leave the hardest bits of climbing to the last 10 miles of the 25, partly to ensure that I was thoroughly warmed up ready for them, and partly because if I faded out a bit, I could snip the end of the loop off. Today, I decided to pretty much front load all the climbing into the first 10 miles – a long enough ride to warm up, and then into the uphill sessions. After 5 miles or so, it started spitting with rain – not enough to bother with the waterproof, and it stopped before I’d have got the jacket on anyway. I was actually enjoying the ride so much, I couldn’t have cared if it’f have been coming down in stair-rods, tbh – it was just one of those days when the legs are just churning. This continued right up to getting home.

Sadly, getting home was a bit earlier than I was hoping for. Riding along, I noticed that my front wheel was moving a little from side to side. Pulled over, and found that one of the spokes had come undone, and the nipple had dropped into the rim. The wheels are the “first generation” Fulcrum Racing 5’s – maybe 4 years old, and the front wheel’s a 18 spoke radial job. So – one spoke loose, and the wheel gets a little “floppy”. So – I gentled the bike back home, pulled the tyre and rimtape, then shook the wheel until I got the nipple back out of the rim cavity. A dab of non-setting threadlock on the spoke, and re-fitted the nipple. 5 minutes of tweaking in the wheel-building jig and it’s as good as new. A quick look at the rim’s wear indicators though tells me that I guess this winter will be the death of these rims. I doubt that I’ll be able to source the rims for a rebuild at a sensible price either. I can’t complain though – they may only have done maybe 10,000 miles, but in their defence, for maybe 9,000 of those, they’ve had a rider that was well over 300lb’s on them. The fact that they’re still round and true pretty much say’s they’re a good wheel…

Anyway – that’s todays ride report – all things considered a bit of a curates egg… good in parts

Ride report here



Another Day, Another Loop

Yet another day with a very pleasant, but largely uneventful ride, marked only by a shower of rain after around 3 miles, and a slight squeak developing in the last mile, which turned out to be a spoke that had loosened in the rear wheel.   Looks like I need to do a little “fettling” tonight.

Ride statistics on Garmin Connect HERE