Local Loop – Recovery Ride

Just a little sore/stiff from yesterdays hill-bashing, so took a slightly more gentle approach to my normal loop.   Ride was nothing out of the ordinary, but enjoyable – details here.

Also, I’ve a “new toy report” – decided it was getting near enough to spring to need a pair of 3/4 bib tights.   So, after plenty of consideration, I went for a pair of the Wiggle Aeron Race 3/4’s – which, after todays ride, I have to say were pretty much fantastic.   They’ve got what feels like the same fancy CyTech pad as the Aeron Pro Bib shorts I bought a couple of months ago.   Really comfortable, fit like a second skin, and look great, even on me!  (okay – the last part is somewhat relative – I’m sure they’d look better on the girl from the Assos adverts for example – but they don’t look half bad!)



New Toys

Couple of bits and bobs in the post today –

First off, a new Gilet, from fleabay.   Not a lot to be said about it frankly, other than it’s actually a little on the big side for me – there’s a first with cycling kit!  It’s light, Blue, and windproof, and takes very little space in my back pocket.  What the hell do you want for £13 posted 😉

Second was a Cycleops Wheel Riser for use with the Turbo Trainer.   It’s a cracking bit of kit, much taller than the one that comes with the Tacx Bushido.  Holds the wheel solidly enough but still allows a bit of side to side motion without ripping the rim off the hub.

Third, and slightly belated, the cheap chinese copy BMC long sleeve jacket I bought a couple of months ago, actually fits now.   So – next time I get a chance for a outdoor ride, I’ll be giving it a crack.

Fourth – and even more belated, 6 years ago, I bought an Altura Nevis jacket.   It was the largest size they made, and I bought it via mail-order as a hopeful punt.   Needless to say, it wasn’t big enough, and it’s been in the wardrobe ever since.   Well – guess what – I tried it on tonight, and it fits.  Still a little snug, and I doubt I’d get anthing more than a base layer under it without it being tight rather than snug, but it does zip up – whereas 6 years ago it was 3 inches adrift of zipping…   To say this left me rather happy is something of an understatement!!

And finally for now, I bought some warm-up cream – anything to save the off-chance of the odd tweaked muscle here and there.   I love the smell of Belgian Knee-Warmers in the morning, it smells like Pro….







Another Rainy Day

And another ride on the Bushido.  Pretty much did the same basic ride as yesterday, only straight through instead of getting off and faffing with my gear every 5 minutes for the first half.   Ride was from the Tacx Bushido’s Real Life Video Rides options, T1957.07 – Training with Milram, the option I decided on was the 22.52 virtual miles “easy recovery ride” – Well – it might be an easy recovery ride for Gerald Ciolek, but 20+ miles at an average of 18.8mph was certainly a bit more than a zone 1-2 ride for me!

I really wish I could find a “HRM” to garmin conversion routine somewhere – it’s really annoying to not be able to get the raw data from the Bushido into Garmin Connect.   So – I end up loggng part off the information on the Garmin, part on the Bushido, and doing a “manual merge” bit at the end – just to drop the power figures and ascent/descent data into Garmin Connect.  It’s a fudge, and I don’t like it…   Get your finger out Tacx and write an export to .TCX filter asap!!

In other news, m new shorts arrived from Wiggle this morning, and as all my other kit went in the wash last night, I just had to try the new ones today.   They’re the Aeron Pro Bib Shorts, and they’re totally fantastic.   Don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of shorts that have fitted so well, not just the padding, but the overall feel of the shorts – even the bib’s are the right length…   very happy indeed with them – much better than the Gore and Specialised one’s I had last year.

Miles Rode – 20.14, Month Total – 58.09, Annual Total – 58.09

Calories Burned 2318, Monthly Total – 6037, Annual Total – 3719