I’ve taken to going for quite a long walk on a Saturday afternoon – a good 3 hours or so as a minimum, provided the rain stays away.   To be honest, it’s just been that the weather has been brighter than the rest of the week, but the winds have been unpleasantly high for actually riding the bike – so it’s been nice to just get out on foot, walk around in the fresh air and get some sunlight on my face – I swear it’s as good as a dose of Prozac as far as mood improvement.

Today’s was another 9 miles or so (strange that I ride the bike in km’s but tend to walk locally in Miles, isn’t it…)   Blowing a complete hoolie all the way round, and far colder than the Garmin Recorded (probably because it was stuffed deep in my jacket pocket out of the wind!)



… the rain stopped and I could get out today.   Nothing spectacular, but I think that the cabin fever from yesterday resulted in me going a little Banzai…    turned into a pretty hard tempo to threshold session, as borne out by the figures fron the Garmin…   TSS 118.7 IF 0.923 VI 1.105 – Tough ride, hope they’re not ALL going to hurt this much in 2014!

Strava for this one is here


Oh the weather outside is frightful…

… but silly bollocks here still went out for a ride in it.

Managed 30km barely, eighty-odd minutes of abject misery and getting blown all over the bloody place.   Stats from the powermeter say it all as far as how pleasant it was – TSS 87.3 IF 0.877 VI 1.127 and 27% of the ride at threshold or above…   which, for a nice steady couple of hours of base/tempo riding (for that was what was on the slate for today) is frankly a complete clusterfuck!

I wasn’t even out for long enough to “burn my beer” for tonight.   Not entirely a happy bunny, in all honesty.

Strava for the ride’s here – i’m just going to try and forget it.

Rain (and Wind) Stopped Play…

at least outdoors.   Blowing a complete hoolie all day, Horizontal rain early doors too.   Bottled it, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Dragged the Tacx out and did the last 2/3 of the 2010 Etape du Tour DVD – 79km of along and 2.7km of Up.

As I was scheduled for a “base level” ride I actually dialled the intensity of the resistance down to 50%, but that still equated to as much climbing as I’d normally do in maybe 3 of my normal daily rides – difference being, you could just “sit in and spin” on the trainer without fear of some tool on a MTB with the brakes disconected passing you doing a 1 handed wheelie and smoking with the other one!

Anyhoo – details for the ride are here on Garmin Connect this time – Strava mangles the data from the Tacx for some reason.

Interesting profile isn’t it.  No – Not mine – I’m face on anyway, not in profile – I mean the yellow mountainy bits behind all the graphs.


Shakedown Ride

Short shakedown ride, just to make sure all the silly faffing about I did yesterday swapping the BB, Chainset, Chain and all the rest of the stuff had worked properly.   Slight annoying creak which caused me to return home and run the torque wrench over everything turned out to be the cleat on my left shoe that was worn and full of mud from a couple of rides ago.

Still – at least I know it’s all worked okay, and I’ve managed to fit a trip to the supermarket in as well, so its not a complete bust.

Strava for the ride here

Blow Me…

… all over the road, it did.   Blustery wind, strangely from the South – not the usual prevailing Sou-westers…

Combination of semi deep rims, thick tyres and mudguards all contributed to something that was a bit of a handful at times.  Still – it didn’t rain or snow, which is pretty much all you can hope for in weather at this time of year…

Took in what is turning out to be a bit of a regular Saturday thing for me – the “Water Tower” to Low Ackworth loop…   a couple of really lovely roads, at least lovely scenery, the roads themselves were pretty much rendered in mud and horse-shit, but you can’t have everything, can you.

Strava for the ride is available, as per usual, here