End of Year Willy Waving Post

No apologies for this bit of gratuitous showing off…   It’s the last day of the year, the bikes away until next year, and all my rides have been logged, recorded, analysed and generally obsessed over far more than is truly healthy to even contemplate.

At the start of the year, I set out to ride a minimum of 5,000km in the year.   It’s fair to say I’ve surpassed the targets somewhat.

Garmin Goals 2012-3 Garmin Goals 2012-1 Garmin Goals 2012-2

So, there we are – only goal I’d set for myself that I failed to hit was to get below 17st before Christmas.   Sadly, I missed this target by 0.3lb, and after the seasonal excesses I’m probably  nearer 10lb over it!