Back to (Nearly) Normal Riding

Slightly truncated version of my usual long loop today, added in the “gratuitous loop around warmfield” just for gits and shiggles, and fully intended hitting the complete 50km special, but weakened at the last hurdle and went home for a mug of hot chocolate instead.

Last ride for now on the ‘cross tyres – fitted the Schwalbe Durano’s this evening, reducing rolling resistance substantially, plus losing maybe 300g from each hoop as the “sammy slicks” were the wire beaded variant and weighed as much as the wheel they were fitted to (or so it seemed at least!)

Flickr for the ride is here

Back on the Mixed Stuff

and I don’t mean a pint of mild and bitter.   Mixed as in some roads, some sustrans and a bit of old towpath.   Sunny, Bright, Cold enough to have me misjusdge my clothing and have to loop back home at around 10 miles for an additional jersey and Gilet.   7°c my arse…

Strava stuff here, though it really doesn’t tell the whole story.

Soggy Sunday

Things I Have Learned today.

  1. Don’t get all Excited about getting out for a proper long ride and forget your drinks bottle.
  2. Weather Forecasts of Sunny Dry Cold Mornings are seldom correct.
  3. Sammy Slicks aren’t slick, and kick up lots of spray from the road.
  4. After 2 hours of Salt Spray from the front wheel, you really miss having a Drink with you.
  5. Theres a reason I spent Months getting my road shoes set up properly with orthotics etc. and frankly, I should have swapped to road pedals and shoes for a 3 hour ride, rather than sticking with the SPD’s
  6. Despite all the above, I really, REALLY enjoyed my morning out on the bike…

Strava stuff for it is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Sunny Saturday…

After a couple of hours of further fettling (trying to actually get the brakes to a state where they will Stop me, rather than just slow me down a bit!) I decided to get out while the sun was still shining – after all, there can’t be all that many days left this year where we’re going to get that happening.

Just a nice steady 36km or so – including a quite wonderful spin around the backroads up behind the Water Tower at Ackworth.   Beautiful autumn colours, and lovely low angle sunlight to complement them.   Couldn’t help wishing I’d a video camera with me, to show people that it’s really not all that “Grim up North”…

Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, weather wise, and riding wise, hopefully I want to clock up 3-4 hours saddle time – it’s been a while since I got a proper bit of distance in the legs.